Dropzone Commander- Flight Stands

DropzoneCommanderAfter assembling and priming my models, I sort of lost some momentum with my Dropzone Army (also got into iRacing recently too!) I’m now going through methodically and finishing everything needed. To start with I decided to look at the flight stands as they’re simple to finish.

As I plan to fully magnetise all the models, I wanted to also find a way to allow the stands to be interchangeable so allowing standard and low heights to be represented. To do this I’ve actually assemble the stands in the opposite sense intended. I’ve glued the widgets to the plastic bases so that the rod can be changed for each base. To get a good joint I had to use my glue gun as the glue fills the slight gap between the widget and the base. It’s important to twist the widget so that the glue fills the hole evenly and doesn’t “splurge” out of the sides.

At the other end, I stuck 3mm magnets to the top of the rod using super glue. I will be purchasing some more 3mm clear perspex rod to make some shorter rods to represent the aircraft flying low. However, the basic flight stands are now ready!


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