Star Wars Lego Speeder Bike….want!

Saw this recently and I so want it!



Fantastic Four (2015)

imagesI finally got around to watching this the other day and had mixed feelings. I liked that it seemed a bit more serious than the previous FF and the powers were more brutal when they give hit with them. However the film just felt far too short and rushed without enough character development. I was really confused when pausing at what I thought has the halfway point and there was only 10-15 min or so.

A bit disappointed…


Hubsan X4

A couple of years ago, my parents (who like to get me fun, frivolous gifts I’d rarely buy myself) got me a Hubsan X4. A friend had one of these and I was really impressed with how nimble yet easy-ish it was to fly.

It’s an attractive little quadcopter which easily sits in the palm of your hand. It has bright red and blue LEDs to help remind you where the front is and in basic mode is quite easy to keep in roughly one spot.

Hubsan X4The package is simple and contains the controller (2.4GHz I believe), battery and a USB charger in addition to the X4 itself.


The kids love it and it has the advantage that even if it runs into you at full tilt, it might smart a bit but it won’t break the skin or cut. I even fitted the aftermarket blade guard so this isn’t even an issue now (although it’s a little heavier)

I flew it a bit but then it sat in the cupboard for quite a while. It didn’t help that the battery had swelled a little and was showing the flashing low battery lights even when charged (and lasting only a minute or so). Also I’d damaged some of the blades so had run out of replacements.

I realised recently that there are probably spare parts available and so I sorted out some more blades, the blade guard and a new battery so it now has a lease of life. I’m planning to get back into flying this as it has features which I have yet to exploit (looping, rolling) plus I’m hoping to set and complete certain flying challenges (watch this space!)


Dropzone Commander: Organisation

Talking to a friend last week we realised we had let our Dropzone armies slip rather and so I decided to look at mine again. I checked over all the miniatures and decided that I would remove the magnetization of the finer parts as the magnets are prone to fall off and with small children in the house this could be dangerous. I will keep the magnetization though of things like rotating turrets, dropship clamps etc. because these magnets are drilled and glued in so very secure.

I also got FFOR installed on my new(ish) laptop so I could start logging army structure and plans. You may recall I had a blog post with detailed army structure so I decided to resurrect that and am getting a “wish-list” together of all the miniatures I’d need.

That reminds me, I really should check for local clubs/tournaments for Dropzone and maybe even some of the other games I play….