Dropzone Commander: Organisation

Talking to a friend last week we realised we had let our Dropzone armies slip rather and so I decided to look at mine again. I checked over all the miniatures and decided that I would remove the magnetization of the finer parts as the magnets are prone to fall off and with small children in the house this could be dangerous. I will keep the magnetization though of things like rotating turrets, dropship clamps etc. because these magnets are drilled and glued in so very secure.

I also got FFOR installed on my new(ish) laptop so I could start logging army structure and plans. You may recall I had a blog post with detailed army structure so I decided to resurrect that and am getting a “wish-list” together of all the miniatures I’d need.

That reminds me, I really should check for local clubs/tournaments for Dropzone and maybe even some of the other games I play….


Dropzone Commander- Falcon gunships

One of the first things I bought after getting my starter set was some of the Falcon gunships to provide some air support for my ground troops. They’re basically Raven dropships with two large Gatling guns fitted. It moves rapidly over the battlefield and packs a concentrated punch. However, it is lightly armoured so you do have to be careful of enemy AAA.

Painting-wise, I’ve finally settled on the complete colourscheme and will be doing a post about this on its own. I’ve also settled on a system of markings by using 40K transfers. In this case, I use the winged sword of the Dark Angels for the airborne vehicles- white for air-lift and red for gunships. The letter “A” on the top symbolises an A-flight aircraft and the number 1 on the right wing and side pods denotes Aircraft 1. His wingman will have a number 2.


Dropzone Commander: First, full game



My friend, N. and I decided that it’s high time to get some serious Dropzone gaming in especially as we’d assembled our armies (largely) and I had assembled my Ruinscape scenery set.

N hosted our first, proper game on Friday 27th November and we aimed for Skirmish armies of 700-800 pts or so. We managed to get together armies of around 770 points (with 10pt difference) containing the following battlegroups:

My Army: UCM

  • Command Battlegroup: Kodiak command vehicle (containing Squad Leader CV2) with Condor dropship
  • Sabre & Falcon Battlegroup: 3x Sabre tanks + Condor dropship and 2x Falcon gunships
  • Infantry Battlegroup: 2x Legionnaire squads (15 man each) + Bear APCs + Condor dropships
  • Rapier Battlegroup: 3x Rapier tanks + Condor dropships

N’s Army: PHR

  • Command Battlegroup: 2x Zeus walkers
  • Walker Battlegroup: 2x Neptune dropships each containing 2x Ares walkers (one AA, one ground weapon)
  • Infantry Battlegroup: 2x Immortal squads (10 man each)

We used a table just shy of 4 foot wide so ended up with a 6 foot by 3 foot area to game in and split the table length ways so as to avoid having to spend ages moving in the action. Buildings were scattered throughout with three large buildings on the centreline containing the three objectives to be captured.

The game commenced with me losing my Kodiak within the first turn or so as I’d placed it within clear site of N’s Zeus walkers. I also lost one of the Falcon gunships early on but my Rapiers proved good at taking out a dropship and (later) making short work of N’s infantry running across the battlefield. Conversely, my entire Sabre squad was picked off as I failed to move them into cover and I also lost two Rapiers in a similar way.

Objective-wise, N managed to secure the objective from the central building and get it into a Juno APC for getting off the table. Unfortunately, I dropped the ball and missed an opportunity to destroy this Juno and take the objective for myself so N. won 2 victory points. Conversely, I also managed to secure an objective in one of the other buildings in the last turn but was unable to remove it. The third building was a scene of some close quarters carnage with the dice firmly in my favour although the objective remained alusive.

All in all it was a great game and we’re looking forward to the next one.

Final score:

N: 2pt vs. Me 1pt



Dropzone Commander- Flight Stands

DropzoneCommanderAfter assembling and priming my models, I sort of lost some momentum with my Dropzone Army (also got into iRacing recently too!) I’m now going through methodically and finishing everything needed. To start with I decided to look at the flight stands as they’re simple to finish.

As I plan to fully magnetise all the models, I wanted to also find a way to allow the stands to be interchangeable so allowing standard and low heights to be represented. To do this I’ve actually assemble the stands in the opposite sense intended. I’ve glued the widgets to the plastic bases so that the rod can be changed for each base. To get a good joint I had to use my glue gun as the glue fills the slight gap between the widget and the base. It’s important to twist the widget so that the glue fills the hole evenly and doesn’t “splurge” out of the sides.

At the other end, I stuck 3mm magnets to the top of the rod using super glue. I will be purchasing some more 3mm clear perspex rod to make some shorter rods to represent the aircraft flying low. However, the basic flight stands are now ready!