Superman: Earth One Volume 1

Superman_Earth_OnePicked this one up at the library and was very pleasantly rewarded for trying a pure Superman yarn. This book contains a retelling of the origin story but gives much more detail about some of the finer points of why Clark Kent chose to become a report at the Daily Planet. He shows that he could have had any job he wanted and finally to have fitted in with society. It also explains why he doesn’t wear a mask…or rather the mask is the nerdy persona he has to be when he’s not Superman.

The basic story is very similar to “Man of Steel” although Zod is not the antagonist but a character called “Tyrell” who had links to Krypton. As this book came about in 2010 and MoS started it’s process in 2008/2009 with the film released in 2013.

The artwork of Shane Davis was very good too and I will be definitely be keeping my eye out for any of his work in future.

I found this story well worth the read and a fresh imagining of the Superman origin story. I might take a look at another volume if one if I find it at the library but for now I feel that this was a good story and enjoyed it thoroughly.


Comic Review- Superman/Batman: Night & Day (2010)

SMBMND_case_r1.inddI’ve recently managed to get hold of a few Superman/Batman crossover novels from the library. Night and Day seemed like an interesting venture with a number of good stories and a wide selection of artists. Some of the stories I found a little laboured- hard to follow but others were quite good. The one with the nightmares induced by the Scarecrow did leave an uneasy feeling but I guess that was the intention! Overall, reasonable read but I don’t think I’ll be buying this one- it didn’t blow my socks off or anything…

Overall Rating:


Batman vs. Superman trailers

Due for release in 2016, the new Batman/Superman film is one of the most anticipated superhero films of recent years. The first trailer was released in Spring 2015 and is embedded below:

The trailer is interesting and presents a number of themes including the questioning the power of a single person (Superman), fear/rage leading to conflict and, the age old, who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman.

I, for one, hope that the recently successfully DK trilogy and Man of Steel films are not ruined by the upcoming clash promised in BvS.

The storyline is unclear and the obvious inspiration would the seminal final conflict in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns from 1986. However, Zack Snyder has confirmed that the story will be a new one and I’m intrigued to see where they’re going with this.

Yesterday, a new video from Batman vs. Superman has been released:

This almost raises more questions than it answers…

  • Why is Superman so pissed off with Batman?
  • Who are the soldiers kneeling?
  • Where and why is Batman being held (I can only assume) by Government forces (assuming Superman is acting as an agent for the government as in DKR)

<Although I wrote this post a couple of days ago Warner Bros. released the second trailer yesterday and so I’ve swiftly updated this post!>

The second trailer starts well and builds the tension between Clark and Bruce. I like the look of the new Batwing and Batmobile especially- slicker and more refined as Batman is much further along in his timeline (as opposed to the rugged functionality of the Dark Knight trilogy). However, I’m not sure I go for the slightly fey Lex Luthor. He’s supposed to be grandiose and theatrical (see Gene Hackman’s portrayal).

Also, it looks like they’ve shoe horned in the resurrection of General Zod into some sort of super-beast and (drum roll) the good guys have to put aside their differences. I’m not sure about that….

That said, Gal Gadot is looking very good as Wonder Woman so that’s a plus about that story arc…

Overall, I do like the look of Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight…I’m quietly hopeful that this film will be good but the second trailer has left me a little nervous!