Star Wars X-Wing Game: 14th Feb 2017

Had a great lunch-time game with N. in February but had forgotten I’d had a load of photos taken! I can’t quite remember the finer points I definitely got iced after some hard maneuvering. This was the first time of using the gaming mat too and this really added to the aesthetic!


Lunch-time X-wing…

As it’s quite difficult to make time for gaming, a friendĀ at work suggested we try to get some X-wing action in during a lunch-time at work. It only takes around half an hour so was an obvious choice (much quicker than Armada for example).

20170119_124422.jpgWe booked a meeting room over lunch and set a quick game of 35 points. I played the Resistance and used a sole T-70 (although flown by Poe Dameron) whilst I was up against a TIE-fighter/interceptor pairing. Unfortunately, although I managed to get the X-wing in tight, it received a lot of punishment and ended up in a ball of flame…

The whole game took around 30min and we’ve got much quicker at interpreting the rules. A turn only took 2-5 min each.


Star Wars: X-Wing miniatures game

Had a couple of good games of X-wing last Friday. N and I started with a practice game (me, Rebel Forces) and we circled around each other with lots of uses of rolls and loops to put ourselves in the best position.

Following this practice game we had a go with the full rules, asteroids etc. and it really got even more interesting. You really have to think about where the other person is going to go and attempt to preempt their maneuvere. In the end, N won (he was Rebel forces this time) partly due to good moves and partly due to some poor rolls on my side and the whole game only took around half an hour.

I’m considering I may expand using the “Heroes of the Resistance” pack which comes out later this year and also get hold of “Slave I” and the Special Forces TIE fighter to increase the teams on both sides.

Star Wars X-wing miniatures game initial walkthrough

Had a go through the game a few evenings ago and it really makes sense. The moving made sense and I’m looking forward to some more in depth dog fighting. Each player has to choose their movement blind to the other players moves and so it adds the anticipation required to get yourself on the tail of your opponent.

The shooting seemed simple but I have yet to read up the full rules…

Star Wars: X-wing miniatures game: Unboxing

After getting this game a couple of weeks ago I finally got around to unboxing it and looking at all the shiny new parts!

In addition to the perfectly painted miniatures you get:

  • Learn to Play guide
  • Full Rules reference
  • Mission Guide
  • Combat/defence dice
  • Movement and shooting templates
  • Ship, upgrade and damage cards
  • Ship and shield tokens (for the miniature bases) and maneuver templates
  • Asteroid tokens
  • Target lock tokens
  • Evade, focus, stress and critical hit tokens.
  • Mission tokens and initiative tokens

I’m not sure what all of these parts are for yet but I hope to do a walkthrough soon to complete a first run of the game.