Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War

A friend of mine has a copy of the original Dawn of War and was wondering if we could play it multiplayer. I got a copy from Steam for £10 and have completed the tutorial plus played a couple of games. As it’s quite an old game (10+ years old, DoW3 is due out soon) it runs well even on my tablet/laptop.

I obviously chose Dark Angel Space Marines as my force of choice and am really loving the way you can build up quite a powerful infrastructure in order to build and support your attacking forces at the front line. It’s not really a case of just throwing loads of firepower at the enemy as your resources are limited.

I’m looking forward to having a go with my friend (who will probably field Eldar) and kicking his arse (virtually). We both have physical armies but as we live quite far apart we’re not able to play that way at the moment. (Kids get in the way somewhat)


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