Pokemon Kaleidocycles

My wife found a great link the other day and I’ve been fascinated by how they work…

Red Ted Art published some great nets for making your own kaleidocycles and I couldn’t wait to try them! My first attempt was messed up completely as I had not really looked at the assembly video and messed up. My second attempt was torn when I used double-sided tape which was far too sticky for the final step. The third attempt sort of worked but normal (80gsm) paper was not sturdy enough (certainly for the Boy)

I used 160gsm paper for the one below and it worked really well! The Boy was over the moon this morning!

It got me thinking about the geometry involved and I found a page here (see “Closed Ring of Six pyramids”) which gave details of the geometry involved. I was considering creating a program to create these from a series of images but found a great online tool here to do it for me. I create a Pikachu/Raichu one for the Girl and she loves hers too!


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