Batman: Arkham Asylum- Botanical Gardens

Right, so I’ve just got to the bit where Harley has run off and you’re trying to find her in the botanical gardens. Firstly just getting there is a real pain as the place is crawling with those maniacs who jump on your back and make that horrible growling/gnashing noise.

Once I got there you walk into a room with 5 or 6 armed thugs. Now if you try and take them on directly you last about 5 seconds and die in a hail of lead. I really liked this part as it’s classic Batman- you have to use glide kicks, silent takedowns or inverted takedowns to immobilize your enemy one by one. It took quite a few attempts but I managed to take them all down. I especially liked hanging below the gargoyles then grabbing away unsuspecting thugs from below…


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