Star Wars: X-Wing miniatures game

Had a couple of good games of X-wing last Friday. N and I started with a practice game (me, Rebel Forces) and we circled around each other with lots of uses of rolls and loops to put ourselves in the best position.

Following this practice game we had a go with the full rules, asteroids etc. and it really got even more interesting. You really have to think about where the other person is going to go and attempt to preempt their maneuvere. In the end, N won (he was Rebel forces this time) partly due to good moves and partly due to some poor rolls on my side and the whole game only took around half an hour.

I’m considering I may expand using the “Heroes of the Resistance” pack which comes out later this year and also get hold of “Slave I” and the Special Forces TIE fighter to increase the teams on both sides.


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