R/C Tamiya Lancia Delta Integrale: Part 3


Unfortunately I got so into finishing the chassis I didn’t take many photos! It went together well and the wheels were easy enough to add although I want to take the hubs off and paint the brake discs chrome- they’ve gone to the trouble of moulding them so it would be nice to get them finished proper!


Also, it never felt like the main gears meshed properly (was some slipping) so on closer reading of the instructions it turns out this model has a 19T gear on the motor not a 22T gear. Counting confirmed this and adjusting the motor mount as appropriate ensured the gears meshed properly now!

The speed controller was easy to set up but I ended up a bit confused- when you go from full forwards to full reverse the car doesn’t go backwards but if you then try reverse again it goes backwards. It seems that if you pull back on the throttle stick whilst the car’s moving it acts as a brake. If you then move the throttle to neutral and back again when the car is stationary it will move backwards.


Lots of fiddly stickers here. I did a lot of colour bodywork stickers before finding a great tip. If you use a hairdryer to gently heat the stickers and then use a pencil with the lead removed to press them down into the contours the stickers end up with a very good finished. I’ve messed up some of the stickers on the front wing but it looks fine unless you get really close up.

I provisionally painted the radiator black (primer) as it really brings the model alive but will be doing some more detailing here when I add the cockpit set (which I think it needs). Here it is pretty much finished and ready to go for a friend’s visit on Saturday!



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