R/C Tamiya Lancia Delta Integrale: Part 2

Adding the lower arms and bumpers

The next step was to add the front and rear lower arms and bumpers.

The front steering knuckles and drive shafts

Next I had to add the steering knuckles and driveshafts. This had to be carefully done as it contained small, fiddly fittings which had to be fitted the right way around to ensure the correct ride height (high for this model rather than standard). The screws were almost impossible to screw in with the screwdriver but a wrench is supplied and they are hex headed so all good there!

The rear knuckles and drive shafts

Turning the car around I fitted the rear knuckles and drive shafts…



The dampers were next be done and they were a bit fiddly but not too difficult to get fitted.


Next for the body was using the PS-31 spray to tint the windows. However, I noticed that this paint reacted with the white enamel I’d used to touch up some of the white coat. Thankfully this will be under one of the stickers so shouldn’t be an issue.




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