R/C Tamiya Lancia Delta Integrale: Part 1

My first foray into radio controlled model during childhood was a second hand Tamiya Manta Ray. However, I always wanted to build a car, new from kit myself. After looking around I settled on the Lancia Delta Integrale which is built on the TT-02 chassis.


The box is nicely done and everything is packaged up well. The documentation is very extensive with the only criticism being it’s tricky to pick out important information as everything has the original Japanese instructions next to it.

The Wheels

The first thing the Boy wanted to do was the wheels so he had the pleasure of fitting the hubs to the tyres. They’re very nicely moulded wheels to reproduce the alloy wheels of the original.

The Prop Shaft

The first stage is to fit the prop shaft to the chassis. This is a nicely designed piece of plastic which is light and yet strong in bending and torsion. It’s simply fixed using plastic bearings.

The Differentials

Although the stock diffs are made of plastic, they are a tough plastic and with some grease should be fine to transmit the power to the wheels.

Fitting the motor

This was easy enough to following but I am concerned that the motor gear is not really meshing with the main gear well enough. I think the best way to test this will be to run the motor and see how well the power is transmitted to the wheels.


The body in this kit is a nice clear polycarbonate moulding with lots of detail. It comes with plastic fittings for the wing mirrors, spoilers and headlamps/grille. The body also comes with a sheet of maskings so you can mask off the windows when you spray the shell white.

The initial prep went well with the body being sprayed solid white and I only had to touch up a couple of parts which the masking hid slightly.

Watch this space for the next part- getting the suspension and transmission to the wheels in place!


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