Daredevil Season 1

I’m ashamed to say that I quite liked the Ben Affleck Daredevil film probably because it introduced an intriguing character of who I knew very little. Since then I read his story with interest and found the contrast of a supposedly helpless blind man possessing fantastic remaining senses and balance entertaining!

The Netflix series has not disappointed and I’ve really loved the slow build up showing the rise of Matt Murdock as the Daredevil and the fall of Wilson Fisk as the Kingpin.

The casting of largely unknown actors was a good choice as it allowed them to inhabit the characters and make them their own.

Charlie Cox didn’t seem strike me as the obviously choice as Matt Murdock (maybe it was the lack of red hair!) but he has grown into the part as far as I’m concerned. You get the impression that he really understands the delicate balance required between his day job of upholding the law legally and his night work of upholding the law…not so legally.

Vinent D’Onofrio did an amazing job as the Kingpin- his facial expressions and mannerisms could have been lifted straight from a comic book! His raw brutality (e.g. car door + russian gangster) and conflicted self make for fascinating watching. You really do get the impression he’s convinced he’s on the side of good right up until the last episode…the Good Samaritan scene is a great climax!

The supporting cast do not disappoint either- Foggy makes a great “courageous fool”, Karen has hidden depths (which I imagine will be revealed) and I just loved Scott Glenn as “Stick”!

The final reveal of Daredevil in the last episode was well worth the wait and I’m now thoroughly enjoying the Second season!



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