Lego: Star Wars- Kylo Ren

I was pleased to celebrate my birthday recently with a great friend who very kindly bought me a present…some Lego! I’ve always steered clear of Lego since childhood as I love it so much I didn’t want to get hooked…but my friend knew this and decided a treat was in order!

Since the 1980s Lego has expanded greatly from the simple bricks you’d get to make a blocky shaped car. A huge number of special parts have been invented to get just the right shape for your creation. In fact Lego has been the world’s largest manufacturer of tyres!

Well, I opened my gift to be greeted with one of the new(ish) figures that Lego have been producing, this in particular being Kylo Ren. The pieces were perfect and once completed made an imposing figure (around 30cm tall).

I was really impressed with this kit…and the flood-gates have opened; I have ordered another set for myself- watch this space!


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