Batman: Arkham Asylum- Quarter of the way through

So, I’ve been working my way slowly through the Batman:Arkham series for PC and I know Asylum came out aeons ago but I’m a bit behind the times when it comes to gaming! So far I’ve made it around a quarter of the way through and am thoroughly enjoying it! The gameplay is fantastic but easy enough you can pick it up without learning a huge number of buttons. However, when you get more adept it has enough options to make it interesting. I especially love the combat…plus you have to really take care if the bad guys are armed; you can’t just walk up and expect to kick their arses!

Apparently I’ve unlocked 13/47 and am 28% of the way through. Below shows my progress with the Waynetech gadgets (I’ve finally just got the lock breaking tool), the Riddler challenges and the biography collection.



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