Review: Robocop 1 & 2 (1987 & 1990)

robocop_1987_largeWe recently got onto the Internet TV bandwagon and started by subscribing to NowTV last year. One of the first series I watched was the 1980s classic, Robocop and the 1990 sequel, Robocop 2.

I remember when I first watched Robocop as a teenager I was shocked by the graphic violence and seeming lack of regard for human life. I remember feeling sorry for Murphy and what he had become and felt repulsion for the various bad guys and their complete lack of morals. As I got older I started to appreciate the film more as a parody of capitalism with its regular adverts and profit being far more important than human life. As an adult I find this film a fantastic insight into what might happen when a company becomes so big that it’s effectively above the law (something which is only too true in modern society). Murphy is effectively swallowed up by OCP and what ensues is his fight for identity and justice for himself and those who have been downtrodden in the
name of the bottom line.

I found Robocop 2 an interesting story from the point of view of politics and with OCP downloadbeing compared to the Nazi regime (the OCP banners are glaring in their red, black and white). At one point the CEO literally steps over a dead body lying outside the OCP building whilst going on his way. As far as Robocop/Murphy is concerned though this film is pointless. There’s lots of meaningful silences and staring into the distance but his character doesn’t develop at all and the struggles seen in the first film seem to have been to no avail.

Oh, and what’s with OCP fully arming their new tech with live rounds when unveiling to an audience? You would have thought they’d have learned from the ED-209 fiasco but no, they made the very same mistake with Robocop 2!


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