Imai Thunderbird 5 & 3 model kit: Part 2

Continuing with Thunderbird 3, I used the following colours to base:

  • Red = Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Dark grey = Eshin Grey
  • Black  (for docking ring ready for silver) = Abaddon Black


Next I used Ceramite White for the engine pods and fin edges and Leadbelcher for the docking ring


Next, I used Yriel Yellow for the fins and use Dark Tone ink to shade the engine pods and the underside of the docking ring.


Finally, I highlighted throughout, mixing the red and yellow for the red parts, the grey parts using progressively lighter shades of grey. I also used some dark tone ink to shade the tops of the end pods and used some black to paint the lines on the engine pod.


The final touches (i.e. the transfers) were done using Micro Set and Micro Sol to ensure the transfers sat well on the surface. Final assembly was then done once everything was dry.


All done! Next part, I’ll start working on Thunderbird 5…


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