Robot Turtles- Introducing preschoolers to programming concepts

BoxShotFor Christmas we always like to buy a gift for the family, usually in the form of a game or activity that we can all share in. Last Christmas we bought a new game called “Robot Turtles”. The concept is similar to the old LOGO computer application of yesteryear in which you give a series of instructions to your “turtle” who will then move around the screen in exactly the way requested.

In this game, you have a board marked out with simple squares. You need one player who will act as the “Turtle master” and their job is to move the turtle EXACTLY as requested by the players. The players take turns to request moves by placing down cards which will turn the turtle left or right or move it one space forwards. The object of the game is to reach your coloured jewel and the emphasis is very much on everyone getting there in the end rather than a winner-loser outcome.

The game is really well thought out with lots of colours so instead of needing to Game-Layed-Out.pngremember left/right, the player can say yellow/purple. There are also some great addons including the use of lasers to melt ice obstructions, crates which can be pushed along and “function frogs” for grouping series of commands (we have yet to use these). The player can also reverse any move by shouting “Bug!” and tapping the bug token. The emphasis really is on commands/actions rather than on trying to win.

Our son loves this game and has given him hours of endless fun. It’s quick to get into but with enough “unlockable” content to keep interest as the players gain experience.


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