Imai Thunderbird 5 & 3 model kit: Part 1

During the early 1990s, the classic 1960s children’s show, Thunderbirds underwent somewhat of a revival following its rescreening on BBC2. As a tween with passion for aerospace/spaceflight I loved the different designs and was fascinated with how the systems worked.

91R1qzwBkwL._SX425_I saved up my pocket money for weeks to buy an Imai plastic model kit of Thunderbird 5 with a small Thunderbird 3. After many weeks waiting, the kit eventually arrived…and I completed it within a couple of hours making an absolute mess!


A few years ago I found a BNIB copy of this kit and decided I’d attempt to do it justice!

Firstly, I turned my attention to the small Thunderbird 3 model. The plastic casting on the engine area wasn’t very good so it took quite a while sand down the plastic and it ended up quite rough. However, using some very fine sandpaper I was able to make it almost smooth enough and a final go with some T-cut got it down to be nice and smooth. (although a bit discoloured)


Priming was done using Vallejo surface primer, white for the red and white parts of TB3, black for the central, grey finned area.

In the next part, I hope to paint the main base colours.


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