Star Wars Crochet #1- X-Wing Fighter Pilot (3/3)

Although I completed this before Christmas, the rush of the holiday left me with even less time than usual hence the catch up now! I finished this in time for my son’s stocking and he loves the helmet coming on and off.

It doesn’t look too bad from a distance but I think I’ll be more careful next time to count the stitches as I’m sure I’ve messed up here and there (the helmet doesn’t fit as well as it should)

As we also have a nine-month old daughter, I used what I’d learned from this figure and made her a quick and easy snowman in an hour or so. It was simply a couple of blobs in white, two green cylinders for the hat and a simple chain of red for the scarf all finished with a couple of black eyes and a sewn mouth. (Don’t ask me for a pattern though- I just made it up as I went along!)


I’ve also gotten a hold of Lucy Collin’s Star Wars book/starter set for her 12 main Star Wars characters with an intention to complete one each month. I will be reviewing this set after completing my first of twelve figures for January 2016- an Imperial Stormtrooper!


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