Dropzone Commander- Falcon gunships

One of the first things I bought after getting my starter set was some of the Falcon gunships to provide some air support for my ground troops. They’re basically Raven dropships with two large Gatling guns fitted. It moves rapidly over the battlefield and packs a concentrated punch. However, it is lightly armoured so you do have to be careful of enemy AAA.

Painting-wise, I’ve finally settled on the complete colourscheme and will be doing a post about this on its own. I’ve also settled on a system of markings by using 40K transfers. In this case, I use the winged sword of the Dark Angels for the airborne vehicles- white for air-lift and red for gunships. The letter “A” on the top symbolises an A-flight aircraft and the number 1 on the right wing and side pods denotes Aircraft 1. His wingman will have a number 2.



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