Dark Knight III: The Master Race- Issue #1

After hearing about the release of a third part of Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight” trilogy (starting with “Dark Knight Returns” and “Dark Knight Strikes Again”) I put my subscription order in with Forbidden Planet and was thrilled to receive my first issue a few days ago.

As I’ve only ever read comics as compilations of complete stories/graphic novels I’ve been looking forward to reading a story as it’s released and so am hoping to review each issue here. Although I won’t be revealing the plot exactly, there may be inadvertent spoilers below so be warned!


The cover is simple but effective showing the Dark Knight in a very Black and White style.



I like the artwork as it’s very atmospheric and nothing at all like DKII (in a good way). You can see more of the art work on the Forbidden Planet site here.


The story seemed quite slow with snapshots of many different characters including Wonder Woman & Superman/Supergirl. (My wife particularly loved the image of Wonder Woman carrying her son in a sling and overtly breast feeding him!) I can understand that it’s simply setting the scene and this will take an issue or two. The story also ends of a cliff hanger with the Dark Knight finally appearing (but is it Bruce and if not, where is he?)


Seems like a good start and I’m looking forward to the next issue



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