Star Wars Crochet #1- X-Wing Fighter Pilot (1/3)

I first saw the Star Wars crochet figures of etsy user, lucyravenscar a year or so ago but had great difficulty with basic crochet techniques so I’d always assumed they’d be too difficult for me. Since then, Lucy has compiled a book of 12 Star Wars designs and this was published this year, available on Amazon. (see here)

Deciding to persist with crochet I’ve managed to get the basics down quite well and decided to choose a figure to start with. For this I chose the X-wing fighter pilot as shown below:

Reproduced with kind permission of lucyravenscar

It’s a simple, 3.5″ tall design which is basically a simple figure but does have one interesting feature- a removable helmet! The price for the pattern was perfect for a quick punt and I’m hoping mine will look like this! Watch this space for updates on my attempt! If successful, I am very tempted by the book of 12 designers including classic characters such as Darth Vader, R2D2 and Yoda.

Lucyravenscar’s designs are sold on the etsy market place and her page is here. This particular pattern cost me £2.64 and can be picked up here.


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