Knitwear for those in need

CrochetYou would have to have had your head in the ground if you were not aware of the vast numbers of people who have been displaced from their homes by conflicts around the world, but especially in Syria. Although I found the R2-D2 hat challenging, I enjoy just knitting away with simple one or two colour bands as they require little thought/stopping & starting.

I’ve bought some green, purple and orange yarns and have seen a design here. Unfortunately I don’t have any circular needles so I’m planning to knit a tension square over this week to work out what size I need.

I’m hoping, to knit one hat per week (the wife and I try to sit down to a film/TV each week) and then get them across to Knit for Peace.

Postscript- In writing this blog, I found a post saying that the most needed items for homeless people in the UK are socks. This reinforced that charity begins at home so I will be looking at where I can donate knitted items locally.


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