“Thunderbirds are go”: Second part of first season ongoing!

Thunderbirds_Are_Go_LogoAs someone who loved the original series as a child/teenager, it’s been great to watch the remastered, CGI series on ITV on a Saturday morning. Me and the boy sit down to watch wondering which Thunderbird will be the star of this episode!

I love the modern feel to an old classic and love the way the vehicles have been updated whilst keeping the feel of the original craft. The characters are as three dimensional as the original characters (maybe even more) and even the irritation I had with the uniform colours in the original series has been fixed! I’m looking forward to seeing how the overall story arc of Jeff Tracy’s disappearance will play out too…

There is also a great YouTube channel with extra shorts giving details about the equipment and clips of the best bits. Below are the launch sequences for Thunderbirds 1 to 4…




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