Movie Review- Alien 3 (1992)

(Warning! Spoilers below)

Alien3_posterFollowing the events of Aliens, Ripley, Hicks, Newt and Bishop are ejected from the Sulaco in an escape pod when the marines ship catches fire. Unfortunately Ripley is the only survivor when their escape pod crashes onto the prison planet Fiorina 161.

Obviously the story isn’t that simple as a facehugger has managed to stowaway onboard the pod too. This soon finds a host (in a prisoner’s dog) and the fun begins.

After the first prisoner meeting a rather gruesome fate in a ventilation fan, this alien proves much more overt by starting to attack prisoners well within their own habitable areas. A key scene involves the death of Charles Dance whilst in the process of taking a blood sample from Ripley in the infirmary. This is swiftly followed by the death of the Governor so causing the prisoners and Ripley to band together with a plan.

The second part of the film involves the hatching and execution of a plan to get the alien into the foundary in order to kill it with molten lead. During this part I felt the alien became too visible and the special effects were not fantastic especially the effects with the alien running on the ceiling. This went against the classic trope of not really seeing the alien hence building mystery.

The film does end well with the traditional fight between Ripley and her nemesis. A further twist is given in that Ripley has to sacrifice herself to ensure the death of the newborn Alien in her chest.

Overall, I liked this film although not as much as the first two. Rating: 3.5 out of 5



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