The Theory of Everything

“The amazing universe of Stephen Hawking (for Monet magazine)” by Charls Tsevis is licensed under CC BY 2.0

My wife & I were pleased to see “The Theory of Everything” had been recently added to the movie selection of NowTV and looked forward to watching it together. My other half is not particularly scientific but does have an interest in the world around her and has always held Stephen Hawking in high esteem due to the way in which he’s overcome his disabilities to carve out a very successful career in this world. I have always had an interest in his work (even if I can’t understand a lot of it) and have read books about his life in the past. (Plus I’ve finally got on with reading “A Brief History of Time” which I’m halfway through now!)

I may do a full review in the future but I just wanted to recommend watching this film if you get the chance. It spans a wide variety of topics not just science. Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones do fantastic jobs as Stephen and Jane Hawking (respectively) and it leaves you with a warm feeling at the end (plus a feeling of shame for ever having complained about having a tough life!)


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