Dropzone Commander: Scenery building marathon!

Following the initial building post, I invested in a glue gun as I remember they were very useful for card models and the like. In a single marathon session (2-3 hr) I managed to complete all my remaining buildings using the glue gun!

I got into quite a good procedure where I’d fold everything in the right directions first then gluing the the raised edge on the roof crease first. Next I folded down and glued the three flaps for the other three roof edges. I then put the roof into the building and pushed it in further than its final position in order to expose the areas for gluing the flaps too. I glued the flap opposite the roof hinge first then glued the flaps on the sides of the roof from underneath.

They seem pretty sturdy and, as you can see, there are a good selection of four of each of five different types of buildings plus 24 x 1 foot square gaming tiles (so enough for a 6×4 foot table) Although the gaming tiles could be thicker (they’re really just a similar gauge cardboard to cereal packets) they should serve well and seem to lie quite flat. If I have a problem I may look into some clear perspex to hold them down to a gaming table.

Looking forward to our next game so we can use them!



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