HeroQuest: Keller’s Keep expansion pack

As I’ve pretty much finished the HeroQuest basic game I finally tracked down the Keller’s Keep expansion pack from eBay. It didn’t have a box but that was no issue as I planned to put it in the storage box with the rest. Although the quest book had some signs of being opened the miniatures and tokens were still on the card.


The contents is:
– Quest book
– 3x Fimir
– 8x Orks
– 6x Goblins
– 12x blocked square tiles
– 1x Iron door
– 1x Wooden door
– 4x short stairway tiles
– 2x long stairway tiles
– 1x cliff corridor tile
– 1x Giant stone boulder time
– 2x trap door tiles
– 2x pit trap tiles
– 1x weapon forge tile
– 1x cloud of chaos tile
– 1x four part stone map tile

Looking forward to our first game!


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