Movie Review- The Anomaly (2014)

(Warning! Spoilers below!)

81AqBx7j-KL._SL1500_I came to this film with absolutely no clue of it’s premise. It started off very creepily with the screaming/pleading of a woman who is then killed (audio only). The story begins with Noel Clarke’s character (who we find out eventually is called Ryan) flitting between different scenarios in which he finds himself. E.g. involved with the kidnap of a young boy, in some sort of academic office, in a brothel (in the middle of the obvious business!) and so forth. It started well leaving me guessing what the hell was going on. Noel Clarke really got this across with his character asking the questions you would ask if you were in that situation.

However, as the film progressed it became more jumbled and the fight scenes took on too much focus. Eventually, the plot turned out that Ryan (Noel Clarke’s character) was under mind control and every so often this would fail so giving him control of himself back. He would only have control for 9min 47sec whilst the system “rebooted”. I found this a little contrived as I can’t imagine it would be the same amount of time to reboot each time plus that seems like a long time! Surely you could have a system fail-safe which would render the “drone” inert whilst the reboot took place?

As the film progressed it became more predictable with the hostage (the young boy from the beginning of the film) placed in a compartment surrounded by acid in order to get his scientist father to create a virus for the main antagonists. This seemed very contrived and it was obvious that the acid would be key in the final showdown. This was confirmed as true when one of the main antagonists happens to be holding a hostage whilst standing under the said acid compartment. It was obvious that a quick bullet would release the acid and disarm the bad guy.

Once this is over, Ryan is still due for a reboot as the other bad guy is still able to control him. Athough he tries to kill himself, his partner smacks the gun away causing the bullet to reveal a secret compartment (shock horror!) which allows Ryan the chance to finally kill his controller (rather convenient?)

The film ends with the usual “and they lived happily ever after” although I did like that it left the ending open…is Ryan still under the control of somebody?

Overall: A good fun action film with some straightforward sci-fi aspects. Probably best if you’re a teenage boy who likes lots of fight scenes and some simple twists to make you think (not too hard though!)

Rating: 2 out of 5


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