Hero Quest- Witch Lord

The final miniature I completed on my vacation was the Witch Lord. Again, I was so in the zone that I didn’t get any progress shots. However, the paint scheme is detailed as below:

Gloves, Boots and Tabbard

Macragge Blue, Army Painter Dark Tone ink for shading, highlighting with mixture of Macragge Blue and Ceramite White

Under garment (e.g. arms and legs)

Lightened shade of Macragge Blue (Blue:White 3:1), Dark Tone ink shading, highlighting with even lighter shade of base coat


Leadbelcher drybrushed


Leadbelcher drybrushed then Gehenna’s Gold for Skull and top and bottom edges

Skull Pendant

Leadbelcher drybrushed


Gehenna’s Gold, Dark Tone ink shading, Gehenna’s Gold highlighting (drybrushed)

Arm bands and ball on helmet

Hashut Copper, Dark Tone ink shading

Helmet horns

Gehenna’s Gold

And here’s the finished miniature:

And yes, I know he’s heavily influenced by this chap.


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