Hero Quest- Fimirs

Thanks to a recent vacation I had a whole load of time to kickback and so, obviously, decided to catch up on my painting backlog! The next on my list were the Fimir’s in Hero Quest which went quite quickly as they’re mostly green and I zipped through them so quickly I didn’t really take photos at each stage along the way. Anyway, here they are:

2015-07-01 18.13.05

The paint scheme was:


Base colour of Dark Angels Green/Caliban Green

Army Painter Dark Tone ink for shading

Highlighting using progressively lighter shades of green. Start with ratio of 3 brushes of green to 1 brush of yellow then progressively add yellow, one brush at a time.


Hashut Copper with Dark Tone ink. Highlight by drybrushing with Hashut Copper


Head: Drybrush with Leadbelcher

Shaft: Rhinox hide


Drybrush with Leadbelcher

Teeth and Claws

Ushabti Bone


Evil Sunz Scarlet with Chaos Black pupil

And finally, a set of one of the Fimirs from each direction:


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