Hero Quest- Stone Gargoyle

I couldn’t quite decide whether to paint the gargoyle in my set as a statue (grey etc.) or as a living creature (red skin etc.) In the end I decided to find a gargoyle on eBay and paint one as a statue and one as a creature. That way you can use the statue to represent the inert gargoyle which can then be replaced with a living creature in all it’s glory! The gargoyle I bought off eBay had the wings broken in too but the breakage was clean so it could be fixed by gluing both wings to the body permanently. This wasn’t an issue as I had storage sections in my case which were perfectly sized for an assembled gargoyle. It was also painted badly so I used dettol to strip the paint (see previous post) back to the plastic. After priming with Vallejo primer I used shades of drybrushed grey and black ink to represent stone.

The end effect looks pretty good (but there’s not much to go wrong with stone!)


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