Basic Miniature Skills- Stripping miniatures

If you’re like me, you will sometimes get your paint scheme just plain wrong and you’ll need to strip back to square one to start again. You may also have some old miniatures from your teen years which you want to take another crack at so stripping down is useful for getting back to square one.

A friend of mine suggested Fairy Power Spray a couple of years ago and this worked really well as it coated the miniature with a thick coating so softening the paint overnight. You could then gently scrub the paint off with a scrubbing brush or a toothbrush.

Unfortunately the good folks at Fairy decided to change their Power Spray to a new “Low viscosity formula” which not only doesn’t coat the miniature with a thick gloop but even if you use the liquid neat it doesn’t attack the paint at all so is now useless. However, if you have a older bottle you can still use it.

Another method with another friend of mine suggested was to use Dettol. It stinks to high heaven but actually works really well. Just leave the miniature in overnight and the paint comes off with a small amount of scrubbing.

The only issue I had was with the Vallejo Polyurethane primer which ended up becoming quite a sticky layer. I found that alternating using a scrubbing brush between neat Dettol and soapy water with regular dunks into soapy water worked well to remove all residues of the primer as well as the paint.

Note: I’ve tried this only with Citadel acrylic and Vallejo polyurethane primers so cannot vouch for any other coatings (e.g. enamels). Please feel free to post below if you found anything which works better!


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