Gaming Night #03- 40k: Space Marine Slaughter!

This evening was held on 11th March at my home as N. (the intended host) was out due to illness. P & G were also unavailable due to travel plans so K. & I met up to wage battle on a battlefield of the 41st millenium!

We both agreed to put together skirmish armies around 500 points. K. fielded a tyranid army incorporating:

– HQ1: Tyranid Prime with Rending Claws + Deathspitter
– HQ2: Tyranid Prime with Scything Talons + Deathspitter
– Zoanthrope (Elite)
– Biovore for heavy support

– 3 squads of 12 Termagaunts with Fleshborers.

On the other hand I put together a mobile Dark Angels force with some heavy support. I put together:

– Company Commander

– 3 Tactical Squads each with 5 marines

– 1 Devestator Squad of 5 marines armed with plasma cannon, las cannon, melta cannon and missile launcher

We used an oval table around 4′ long and 3′ wide with some scenery in the centre and starting at either end. Rolling for the narrative we were given “Purge the Alien” and so have the task of seeing how many units we could destroy within the 6 turns. The secondary goal was also to remove the opponent’s warlord.

The game started well for me with my firepower cutting through the massed ranks of ‘nids with comparitive ease. K. continued to advance bravely into the onslaught of my devestators whilst providing his own heavy support (from his Biovore) and psychic blasts (from his Zoanthrope) from behind his own ranks. Around halfway through the game,  my company commander, Balthasar, whilst bravely leading from the front was slain in short order by one of K.’s Primes. Towards the end of the fourth turn the forces met at the line which the Dark Angels tactical squads bravely attempted to hold but in vain.

Although stronger and suited in power armour, the space marines were overwhelmed by superior numbers and quickly, two of the three tactical squads (with 5 marines a piece) made the ultimate sacrifice in their service of the emperor. The devestator squad at the rear of the lines were also overwhelmed and even the unwieldy powerfist of their sergeant could not be brought to bear in time to turn the chitinous tide. The game ended before the marines of my sole surviving tactical squad could make a brave retreat (or more likely slaughtered!)

K. destroyed 4 of my 5 units one of which was my warlord so earning 5 points. I managed to obliterate a single Prime (unfortunately HQ2 so not the warlord!) and wipe out an entire unit of Termagaunts as they were funneled between buildings on the battlefield but that still only left me with 2 points.

A good game! 5 points to K, 2 points to me.


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