Gaming Night #02- “Hero Quest” game and “Death Angel” walkthrough

This month we had almost everyone available so had a group of 4 around the table (me, N, P & G). K. was not available as he had a bad cold and didn’t want to share it around! It was held at my home and although many of us hadn’t played Hero Quest we decided to have a crack at the “Saving Sir Ragnar” quest.

We soon got into the rules and N, P & G progressed well as the Elf, Wizard and Barbarian respectively. The dwarf was left as this is K’s favourite character so would be available to him without anyone having to switch over characters for the next game.

The quest started off strangely with a couple of goblins managing to inflict a lot of body points worth of damage without being harmed! (You can’t beat the dice sometimes!) Eventually, Sir Ragnar was found (after pretty much clearing all rooms) and the quest brought to a swift close.

As we still had half an hour or so, N. talked us through a card game, “Death Angel” which is very inspired by the original Space Hulk game with Space Marines vs. Genestealers. After this discussion and discussion of other non-miniature based games we all decided a future RPG evening would be on the cards.

All in all a pleasant evening!


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