Tiger Part 5- Body mostly done and filled

The pattern calls for the loose ends in the body and legs to be tied up and for it to be filled about 2/3 of the way up the body. This required a bit of creative “bodging” as I had messed up some of the turning stitches so leaving slight gaps here and there. Although not part of the pattern my smart thinking wife thought of sewing up a cloth back filled with dried beans to give the bottom a bit of weight. She dusted off her sewing machine and using some spare fabric and thread made a palm sized little bag for the beans. She zig-zag sewed around the edge to ensure it didn’t fray and let beans loose which could work loose and cause a choking hazard. The beans were then poured in through the half inch wide hole in the top of the bag and the bag sewn shut.

After this, the legs were filled with polyester stuffing and the bag placed in the bottom before more stuffing was packed in. It’s now really starting to come together!

Now on to the head!


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