Gaming Night #01- Dropzone Commander Walkthrough

I’m hoping to start up a regular gaming evening with some guys from work and a fellow local dad and we’ve agreed to attempt to get together on the second Wednesday of each month. Unfortunately almost everyone wasn’t available for last night but N. and I decided to meet up as he has also recently acquired a new DZC army (PHR in his case). Although our armies weren’t ready (plus we have no scenery) we decided to go through a walkthrough using post-it notes and paper to simulate the dropships, APCs and troops with spice pots for buildings! We set-up a simple scenario with three objectives hidden within three buildings and started at opposite corners.


The gameplay seemed really slick compared to 40k with both players activating and moving/shooting etc. in rapid succession. There were also nice touches like the “Articulated” special rule meaning my Sabre tanks could hide behind one another using their articulated arm/turrets to look over and shoot. This rule also requires the arm/turret to remain up until that unit is next activated so giving the enemy a chance to shoot you back. The crib sheet which came with the boxed set was most useful will everything needed (unit & weapon information and tables on the other side).

The game itself went well with N. blasting away two of my Sabres and a Rapier plus one of my Bears (thankfully after my infantry had disembarked). I also received some damage to one of my Condor dropships. Conversely I destroyed a walker, inflicted some damage to an Ares walkers and managed to obliterate his Immortals squad in some heated Close Quarters Battle (although I lost a couple of Legionnaires in the process).

In all we managed to complete 3 turns in about 3 hours but a lot of this time was taken for setting up and carefully reading the rules as we went. By the end, I could imagine getting through a turn with our ~500pt armies in around 10-20min. All in all an enjoyable game- just looking forward to using a full size (6’x4′) table, scenario and the actual models!



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