R2-D2 hat Part 1: Halfway through the intarsia panels

I found a pattern for a beanie hat in the style of R2-D2 here and had to make one! The fact that I couldn’t knit didn’t really come into consideration! My other half taught me the basics of how to knit a rib stitch (i.e. knit and purl in the same row), how to knit a stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row) and how to knit in the round (i.e. knitting in such a way that there’s no seam).

The problem with this pattern is that it requires the use of the intarsia method which is very fiddly and something which my wife was not familiar so I’ve had to learn a whole new method for the most important patterned section.

To help get familiar with the method I used the pattern as a basis for a chequered hat which simply had alternating red (I had a big ball of red yarn) and grey squares. This hat seemed to go well but was very small! I scaled up the pattern from 90 stitches across to 120 stitches across.

Finally, after starting and restarting many times I have managed to knit the lower part of the hat and about half way through the 8 rows of intarsia.

I hope to have an update showing the completed intarsia section!



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