Hero Quest: Mummies

The next to be tackled were the two mummies. I was unsure how best to paint them as I could imagine either a greyish or a creamish paint scheme. Trying the grey paint scheme first didn’t work so well with the mummy looking nothing like expected! I tried a cream paint scheme using a similar paint scheme to the skeletons and it seem to come out well!

I started by base coating in Bleached Bone/Ushatabi Bone following by use of brown ink to get the shading (very necessary with all the bandages!) I then drybrushed with Screaming Skull, Pallid Wych Flesh (not sure of the old names for these) and a very light drybrish of Skull White/Ceramite White.

The flesh was done using Eshin Grey followed by dry brushing with Dawnstone then Administratum Grey. The eyes were finished with Evil Sunz Scarlet.


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