Hero Quest: Barbarian

I started by base coating the Barbarian in Ceramite White as much of the miniature was to be flesh coloured. The flesh was done using a base layer of Cadian Fleshtone and then shaded using Reikland Fleshshade. Layers of highlighting using drybrushed Kislev Flesh and shading using more Reikland Fleshshade were done until a good level of light and shadow was reached.

Next, the hair, belt and sword were painted Abaddon Black ready for drybrushing. The boots and loin cloth(?) were painted with Rhinox Hide ready for the next step.

Once these had dried, I painted the sword blade in Boltgun Metal/Leadbelcher and the hilt with Gehenna’s Gold. The hair was drybrushed with Eshin Grey. The loin cloth and boots were drybrushed firstly with Bestial Brown (old name) and then very lightly with Rakarth Flesh. The belt was drybrushed with Eshin Grey too.

Final touches were to paint the metal work on the belt Gehenna’s Gold and to paint red gems on the sword hilt with Evil Sunz Scarlet. The eyes were done with a VERY steady hand and simply Ceramite White and Abaddon Black.



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