Warhammer 40k: Dark Angels Army- Archive of photos

As a teenager I was always a 40k fan and (maybe predictably?) went for a space marine army. This was partly swayed by the fact that the 40k boxed set at that time contained space marine and ork armies so I went with what I knew from “Space Crusade”. Although I had a Blood Angels army back then I got rid of them before I went to university in the late 1990s.

After more than a decade I decided to get back into 40k and bought my first tactical squad in February 2009 and slowly began painting. After getting hold of a devestator squad and a Rhino tank/transport, I had a reasonable 500 point army and I finally finished painting this in late 2011 in preparation for the birth of our first child! (I rightly figured I wouldn’t have much time to paint once he came along!)

The paint scheme is very standard with highlighting done by handmixing Dark Angels Green/Caliban Green with Sunburst Yellow/Flash Gitz Yellow. Weapons were done in Blood Red/Evil Sunz Scarlet with a highlight of Blazing Orange/Troll Slayer Orange. The basing was done in very traditional Goblin Green/Warboss Green and flock, something which I intend to correct!

PS- Citadel changed the paint naming system in 2012 so in my blog I will use the Old Name/New Name convention. If you would like more information for converting colours then there are many guides out there, for example Tale of Painters is a great resource.


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