Hero Quest Project and Skeletons

Firstly welcome to the inaugural post on the Crowmarsh Gibbon Geekcraft blog! Over the years of “geekcrafting” I have found many people’s blogs and articles invaluable and hope to give something back. As you shall see, I have many diverse hobbies ranging from wargaming to aircraft and sci-fi model making, rocketry to radio controlled aircraft and boats to knitting and crochet. Let the fun begin….

About a year ago I was delighted to see a copy of the old classic “Hero Quest” in a local charity shop. This was in the evening after the shop was shut so I made a note of the opening time and went back the next morning to secure the game for the princely sum of £2. A true bargain especially as it was in such good condition!

I always intended to have a go at painting the miniatures but had put it on the back burner because of (a) wanting to complete my 1500 point Warhammer 40k Dark Angels army and (b) most of the guides I found required me to buy a great number of paints (even though I have a good amount already for 40k)

I decided that I would have a go anyway using my experience painting Dark Angel space marines and if it all went wrong I could strip the miniatures and start again. I decided to start with one of the four skeletons in the kit as I’d painted a fair amount of bone coloured robes and Deathwing terminators.

I started by using a base layer of bleached bone (obviously!) then used a brown ink to shade all the lovely spaces between the bones. Whilst this dried I used some black primer and painted the sythe. I then painted the shaft with Bestial Brown and the blade with Boltgun Metal. Moving back to the skeleton itself I drybrushed over with Bleached Bone followed by Screaming Skull and Pallid Wych Flesh. Finally I painted the eyes blood red and used Pallid Wych Flesh to neaten up where I’d overran with the red. As you can see, the effect is quite effective.


The base was simply done with grey. I intend to research good ways to base the Hero Quest miniatures generally with some sort of stone theme (to match the dungeon board)


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